At home I always used to linger with curiosity at an old photograph of some of my Andalusian relatives. With the passing of years this photograph has given me an image of how I think Andalusia might be.

SW is the result of approximately three years of research in the south of Spain, an area I did not know nor in which I have lived, but which is my family’s place of origin and current place of residence.

To travel through Andalusia now that the global world has left its mark everywhere, even here, led me to reflect on the clash between contradictory elements in this land, that appears to hang in a balance between reality and fiction and that, wherever we go, lingers like the background of a film

My intention has not been to reproduce the tangible aspects of a place, but to give shape to a body of memories and impressions born of my personal history or of something unconcluded. Concentrated in the images are visible apparitions whose existence is a mystery, while on the other hand, the mystery is something real in the mind, through the repeating, varying, developing and transposing elements of the memory.


Conscientious Photography Magazine - interview